Literacy IntegrationWednesday ClassFall Semester 2009

Group Members
Jennifer Curran
Allison Doherty
Ellen Hake
Paige Phillips
Sarah Sakai
Agatha Vlaic

What is literacy integration? Teachers today are faced with so many standards and requirements to meet. One simple and efficient way to cover these standards, while still helping the children build a deeper understand of all course material, is to design cross-curricular lesson plans. Integrating literacy into the classroom helps create effective communicators in all subject areas. Below are some examples of ways to integrate reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking into the core subject areas.

6C8D0B3531824B94B14D59FFF8C0BBCC.jpgIntegrating Literacy in Sciencelens2144199_1220617947science_kids.jpg
- My First Science Journal!- Vocabulary Swat Game
- Identify Living and Non-Living things in books!
- Summer vs. Fall Season Reflection
- Vocabulary Bingo
- Online Activity using Science Vocabulary

Integrating Literacy in Math
- I have, Who has?
- Dealing with Time- Matching Game
- Word Problems
- Math-related reading books (with a plot)

framer.jpgIntegrating Literacy in Social StudiesDL_social_studies.jpg - Reading and Interpreting primary sources
- Graphic Novels
Integrating Literacy in Language Arts/Reading

- Quick Draw & Guess
- Story Map Graphic Organizer
- Synonyms and Antonyms using unit vocabulary
- Create a song
- Make predictions of definitions of unit vocabulary
- Dictionary Game- Re-tell a story you just read from a book, using your own words, to a partner

Helpful Resources:

Skills by grade with state standards-
Word problems by grade level-
Educational Technology Clearinghouse-

Social Studies-
ArtisianCam (making of graphic novels)-
Graphic Classroom (graphic novels)-
Literacy Matters (multiple resources to integrate literacy)-

Language Arts/Reading-
Dictionary Game-
Starfall (resources to inspire literacy)- Teachnology (multiple teacher resources)-