Integrating Technology - Tuesday Class

  • Important to remember that technology can be used for teachers AND students. Best for students to have a chance to do something rather than watch the teacher do something.*

  • Technology should be used to suppliment a unit NOT teach the unit!*

  • Do not dim the lights and press 'Play' that's not engaging, that's not teaching.*

  • Do not let your personal feelings about technology take over in the classroom.*

Math Games by grade level

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Digital Camera Ideas
Social Studies

Community Building


English/Language Arts

Five Minute Fillers

Use digital cameras to take the picture of each student individually to place on the "Super Star Wall"
Take picture of each student to better remember their names in the beginning of the year.
Take a class photo to place on the outside of the door.

United Streaming Video- Excellent source for school safe and kid friendly information.

Tools for Assessment


Nintendo DS
-all have educational games!!!

Helping students understand disabilities

Other great resources

Technology Integration Assessment