ani-dance1.gifWelcome to EMAT621 WikiSpaces for Fall 2009!

Resources for EMAT621 Curriculum & Instruction Course
Professor: Sherah B. Carr, Ph.D.
Mercer University - TIft College of Education

Welcome to the wiki created by the students in my Curriculum & Instruction course during the semester of Fall 2009. Each group compiled resources on the selected topics that are listed on the menu to the left. These pages were a supplement to their group's presentation on these topics. The wiki was a huge it saved a lot of paper. In the past students would give each student a copy of resources for their topic. Now they just share information via the wiki. Since so many of their resources were Internet based the wiki was a perfect place for them to store and access information they found useful. They were also able to work in a collaborative manner in this online format.